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      Compuer compression spring machine_CNC spring machine _ camless spring machine-Dongguan Kaichuang precision spring Machinery Co. Ltd.
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      Manufacturing industry nobody cares, Internet mania is glory or tragedy?
      Published:2017.10.06 News Sources:kaichuang spring machinery Views:

        At present, the domestic Internet is very enthusiastic, Chinese powerful companies are Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu, and now the Jingdong, drops and Mobell, these enterprises will undoubtedly become the current China most successful companies in the benchmark, has become a hot social popular, because these enterprises is very large, and very rich. For example, at present, China's ten young college students successful business cases, of which 9 are derived from the Internet industry. Let us compare to foreign countries, German powerful enterprises have Volkswagen, Daimler, BMW, SIEMENS and BOSCH in Japan; powerful companies are TOYOTA, Honda, Nissan, Hitachi and Fanuc, the powerful companies are apple, Microsoft and Boeing, general Foote,... If the domestic and foreign successful benchmarking enterprises together. Look, you will feel?
        ①What success are these Internet companies relying on? As long as we think about it a little, we can know what the success of the domestic Internet companies depends on The first is an idea of their germination, seize the opportunity, and pay by providing services, online shopping service, taxi service and room door, with the help of China huge market, as long as from each person to earn 1 dollars, you can earn about 1000000000. Comparatively speaking, more successful enterprises abroad are not in the Internet, but in the deep roots in the manufacturing industry. Through long-term research and development and technology precipitation, they have trained a batch of skilled workers with craftsman spirit and produced leading value-added products, and their success can not be replicated by opportunistic.
        ②Whose money did they make? Obviously, the domestic Internet companies earn money in the domestic market, using the Internet to form a monopoly in a domestic market. If you want to earn money from foreign markets, it's not easy, or even resisted. For example, many companies in Germany, Japan and the United States have earned enough money in the Chinese market. At present, many China made out or not grasp the core technology products, a typical high-end CNC machine tools, precision parts and intelligent software, he sold China market several times the price, from easy to earn high profits; we should also subject to the people.
        ③Others make money in the manufacturing industry, why not engage in domestic? The reason is simple. If the manufacturing industry can make a fortune in a short period of time, there will definitely be people flocking to it. But the problem is the manufacturing industry is different from the Internet, some of the core technology need long-term research, need a batch of Jingde down skill talent, when foreign competitors are strong, no double effort is unable to make a fortune, it is a very difficult road. On the contrary, we can see a bike sharing Mobell total financing more than $1 billion! And in the manufacturing industry, which investor would invest money to support the development of the manufacturing industry? Perhaps in the eyes of some investors, the manufacturing industry is a group of fools, spend so much energy to do a thing not to make money, why not do things easy to get rich?
        ④Without the Internet, but not without the manufacturing sector, this is a topic worth pondering. The Internet, the sharing of the economy and other innovative economy, of course, very good, to bring convenience to people's lives. However, we have to think, if there is no Alibaba, we can still go to the supermarket to buy things; if there is no drops and Mobell, we still get a taxi and bus travel. If we don't have anything in the supermarket and no car, what else can we do about it? On the face of it, China is a big manufacturing nation, and everything can be made out. But in fact, many belong to Chinese can make things out is only some low-end industries, not worth mentioning; in addition, those who appear to belong to the Chinese proud brand factory, is largely dependent on the technology and equipment of foreign core. If we go to the factory to see, we will find that the production line and core equipment in the factory are almost all foreign brands. Our employees are paid a small salary, but most of the profits have been made by foreigners. It can be said that China's manufacturing industry, are in the foreign equipment and technology enterprises to work.
        When we look back at the Internet, in addition to bringing some convenience in life, to make the society stronger? Do you make people richer? Perhaps the only thing that brings about too much wealth is to make the gap between the rich and the poor bigger. If we have a strong manufacturing industry, all kinds of core equipment can be made by ourselves, and we do not need to spend a lot of money to buy imported equipment, then the Chinese people can fully enjoy the enormous wealth they have created. When our country is really strong and people live a richer life, then we can do something about the Internet. Isn't it a matter of minutes? In short, the impetuous society, let opportunistic become a kind of glory, not only the Internet, as well as real estate and entertainment and so on, and we really need the artisan spirit when will it be possible to return? The content source to Kaichuang spring machine: http://www.cabu02.com/en/, welcome to see, do not copy rights reserved!


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